Why use a travel agent?

We are here for you.

Travel is more complicated than ever.  Do you know what kind of documentation you need for travel?  Passports, visas, Real I.D?  Do you know if your destination has any current travel restrictions? Having a professional help you with planning and logistics can impact how much you enjoy your vacation. 

We save you time, money and stress!  Planning a trip is hard work!  We can advise you on what destinations would be good for you, as well as resorts, flights, cruises, land tours and more. Our small fee is worth the value you will receive in the expertise we can give you on many destinations.

We add a human element to your vacation.  We want to make sure you are making lifelong memories, not worrying about missed flights, or cancelled reservations.  We can help you navigate thru any challenges that may come up while on your trip. When you book thru us, we are here to help you for the entire trip.  Have you ever booked with an online travel agency and couldn’t get thru to them when you needed them most?  We are here for you.